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Monday, April 26, 2021

Best Extension like4like and Addmefast - Autolike V 1.2.5

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Best Extension like4like and Addmefast - Autolike V 1.2.5


It is the best plugin to work on addmefast and like4like
You can collect a lot of points without getting tired and without stopping
This plugin has been programmed with a lot of checks in order to organize continuous work and collect the most number of points.

Plugin Features:

- Accurate work while minimizing error.

- Check for the presence of the button before pressing it.

- Verify that the button has not been pressed.

- Calculating the points and verifying the increase in points in your account, and in the absence of the increase 4 times or more behind some, the work of the addition will be suspended.

- We do not cancel like and subscribe if the task is repeated.

- Reloading the page randomly after a certain number appears as a notice at the start of the extension

- When any problem occurs and the like button does not appear on the site, the page will automatically refresh after 60 seconds.

- Automatic page refresh if a notification appears "No items in this network for now. Please try later".

- It offers free activation and paid activation.

- When you use the plugin, a real mouse click is sent, which reduces your detection rate from the site.

- Pressing the LIKE button in random places increases the security of your account.

- Add settings page.

- Add sites selection that you want to work on.

- If you choose more than one site and one of the sites is disabled, it will be removed from the list automatically.

- If all the accounts you have selected are deactivated, the plugin will be suspended from working.

- Movement between tasks is random, and of course you can choose one site.

- Added click speed control.

Best Extension like4like and Addmefast - Autolike V 1.2.5

New Additions 1.2.5:

- Twitter Followers.

- TikTok Followers.

- TikTok Video Likes.

- Fix YouTube Subscribe.

* I do not recommend working on Twitter because of the high account closure rate.


After the recent update of addmefast There are a lot of problems on the site.

for example:
- In many cases, you are not awarded points despite the correct performance of the tasks.
- Close the popup window directly as soon as you open it.

Please do not contact me with these problems because I am not the owner of the site.

📌 Important note:

The language must be changed to English on all social sites that you work.

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